Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Number 7.
Blog about anything technology related. It is so amazing to me how much we rely on technology. What would we do if we had no mobile phones or internet? Now you can get the internet on your phone! Who doesn't love paying their bills online? It seems like it has made the world much smaller. We can access so many things whenever we want. I love that we can be connected with friends with e mail, and mobile phones, especially when things are busy, but sometimes it is nice to just be with those people, talk to them face to face, or to get a letter in the mailbox on your street! Technology has made things a lot easier though, and it is so exciting to be learning more about it.

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  1. Jennifer,
    You are on the same lesson number I am, so I thought I'd post to you saying good job so far. I agree with your thoughts on technology. If we are going to keep up with our kids and not become old fuddy duddies we have to learn it. I was inspired at church (of all places) yesterday when our youth minister preached on keeping up with technology in our effort to reach the next generation. chris v.